Man sitting at desk with computer working from home

Working From Home (WFH) tips & resources

New to remote work? Here’s a selection of articles you might find useful.

“Well, as a seasoned work-from-homer, I can assure you that it’s all too easy to slip into slovenliness of both body and mind.  And before your KPIs become the latest victims of COVID-19, please consider some tips from someone who knows the pitfalls only too well.”

“Working parents around the nation are waiting for the perfect storm. That moment when your workplace sends you home to work in isolation and then the schools decide to close … How are you meant to keep on top of a full day’s output while also managing the school’s expectations of what learning the children should be doing from home?”

“If you want to be sure you’re set up right to work from home, it’s fair to ask whether a laptop or a desktop computer will serve you better. But, each type of computer has its perks and drawbacks. We’ll explore various aspects of working from home and see how laptops and desktops fit into the picture.”

And if you need any computer supplies, whether cables, ink, monitors, printers, modems, etc, we can help you with that!

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